Welcome Snacks

We serve;

Roosterkoekies* + homemade Pate’s, Pesto’s, Jams, cheese * + our famous Mussel Kebab*,

while the guests enjoy the welcome drinks


The Bosduifklip Menu

This is a buffet menu, you and your guests can dish up as many times as you like.

Bosduifklip braaied Musselkebab *

Pate’s; snoek & biltong & chicken liver*

Mussels in Bosduifklip marinade

Smoked Angelfish & Snoek

Traditional home-made pickled fish

Fresh Garden salad

Wheat salad

Snoek braaied with special herbs

Westcoast Seafood paella

Freshly baked breads*

Home-made jams*

Sandveld Potatoes with parsley and rosemary butter

Sweet potatoes OR Pumpkin pie

“Waterblommetjie” stew OR Green Bean Stew

Curried tripe OR Chicken Pie

Lamb on the spit braaied to perfection

Dessert: Sweet Dumplings(Souskluitjies) OR Malva Pudding

Coffee and Tea

*These dishes are part of the pre-snacks menu, but will also be served as part of the main buffet.

-Why only the one menu option? Our Bosduifklip Menu is what completes the whole Bosduifklip experience. We want you and your guests to take home not only the memories of the amazing and unique atmosphere of Bosduifklip, but also the taste of the finest farm and seafood cuisine.